About Us

Here at Platinum Events, we are the face of our business. We share a strong connection to our personality and characters bringing innovative designs and unique d├ęcor concepts that are one of a kind. We strive to create breath-taking designs that reflect the persona and desires of our clients and couples, by listening to your ideas and finding out what makes you smile. We aim to make your day a signature event, unique and reflective of your own vision.

We pride ourselves on our innovative and trendy touches that make all the difference. Our high quality bespoke service is tailored to match your every requirement to ensure that your event is above and beyond your expectation. From intimate to sophisticated to extravagant and stylish, Platinum Events will turn your dreams into reality…

Don’t let your choice of venue dictate your theme of your event, contact Platinum Events Specialists and be assured we will work closely to achieve a night that you and your guests will cherish and remember for a life time.

Platinum Events is the UK’s leading brand in the Wedding and Corporate industry. Having transformed some of the most exquisite venues around the country, here at Platinum Events we have what it takes to make your special occasion Platinum.